Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bless You Elmo

It's no secret our little lady has a hard time sleeping. Crying it out most nights no matter how good the routine is. If anything the routine clues her in that it's bedtime and the crying starts in earnest! Lavendar baby bath, songs, bottles, even doctor approved sleeping meds. Nothing helped. 18 months of crying and misery for us all.

Then we discovered that if we play this youtube video of Andrea Bocelli singing to Elmo she goes down with little or no crying. It's as if she's thinking "well if Elmo's going to go to sleep I will too". Seriously, that's it!? After all this time?

Don't worry she still wakes up at 2am ish crying her brains out so we aren't home free on the sleep front. But we'll take incremental improvements.

And just for fun here are few other youtube favorites. Evie digs Feist:
We all enjoy a little Bruno Mars
And while I often find Adam Sandler a little annoying, Elmos dancing in this video makes me laugh
This Glee Parody is hilarious
Norah Jones loves the letter Y
And Jason Mraz just wants to go Outdoors
There you go, a little Sesame Street love for you all. I think you can understand why we'll be having Elmo cupcakes for someones birthday this year. Bless you Elmo (and Andrea Bocelli) for helping Evs sleep!

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Jessie said...

I don't really understand what people have against Elmo. I actually quite adore what he did for my kids at Evie's age. Especially Breanne, maybe it's an oldest child thing, but she LOVED him for a while there. My very favorite Sesame Street clip is from when Cookie Monster did a "Cookie's World" knock off of Elmo's world. SO funny. I was into Elmo before most of my friends (hazards of having kids first) so I haven't had anyone to share it with in a long time, but seriously, if you're familiar with Elmo's world, look it up. :)

Beazer said...

Hilarious -- I fell in love with Bocelli in Argentina. I'm glad something finally worked!

Angie said...

I don't know how you've done it after all these months! But hey, if Elmo is what works, then stick with that for a while.

Tiff said...

Umm.. seriously hilarious. I especially love the end when Bocelli belts out the last refrain and Elmo tells him to be quiet. Hopefully it works for a while! Now you just need a video about going BACK to sleep. ;)

And the Glee parody? AWESOME. I really need to get Harvey into Sesame Street.

Tannie Datwyler said...

That is too funny!!

I'm so sorry that Evie is still not into the whole sleep thing. SIGH - but hooray for some improvement, right?

And PS - I LOVE that Glee one - I laughed my head off when I watched it a couple of months ago.

Ali said...

I love these sesame street bits. It was a sad sad SAD realization in our house, when sesame street didn't want to be watched anymore. I MISS Elmo!!! I can't wait to introduce it back into our home when Ty's older:)

Yeah for lullabies and no cry sleepers! (at least for a while) Bless you.

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