Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas

Do you like hearing what people got for Christmas? For some reason I do. If you don't, skip this post!

My birthday falls just before Christmas so I get doubly spoiled. My husband told my entire family to give me cash so I could splurge on a fancy camera bag for Christmas. Both last year and this year I've been singing "I wanna fancy camera bag for Christmas, only a fancy camera bag will do" to the tune of "I want a hippopotamus". Maybe Joe was tired of hearing it? Or maybe he just loves me. Either way I need to get my act together and order this bag:

It's totally a want and in no way a need. So I feel spoiled to be getting it.

My good friend Helena took me to lunch and gave me a microplane zester I'd been eyeing. It's time to make something that calls for fresh lemon zest!

And I didn't get anything for my birthday from Joe. And for Christmas he got me some small items from Bath and Body Works and a gift card to get some makeup at the mall. But nothing big. And there's a good reason for that. Every year Joe's work has a charity auction at the holidays and we always try to buy something from the donated items. This year there were several refurbished macbook laptops donated. My personal laptop will be 5 years old this summer and that's when I'll lose my work laptop (since I'm quitting). Heading back to school this fall I really wanted a new laptop. So we got this puppy for $340. Steal! And helped the food bank too. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me. Thanks honey!
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And just a few days later everyone spoiled us terribly.

My mom gave us a few more pieces for our nativity set. It's so nice to build that up, because really I'm not sure when I'd ever have the extra money to justify it. 
My sister in law gave me some cake plates. I love cake plates!

Joe got a gift card to Best Buy, Phil knows how to make him happy.

Joe's parents gave us a requested gift card to Walmart so I could buy this dutch oven I've been eyeing. It's rated by America's Test Kitchen as a best buy at $45...much better than a $300 Le Creuset, well better for the budget conscious. But not as pretty. Still, it'll do!

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

My grandparents gave us cash and we just used that to buy the bike seat I mentioned in this post. Found it for a steal on KSL thanks to a tip from my good friend Sarah (thanks!). We're excited to test it out soon (toddler helmet purchased!) and use it like crazy when it warms up a bit.

We were spoiled with new PJs, Evie's grandparents gave her clothes, a stuffed animal, a push toy with bubbles that pop, a chair that blows up for her to sit on, a book. I'm sure I'm forgetting things, it was craziness!

My dad gave Joe and I a Kindle Fire. We use it to show Evie her Elmo videos each day. It also rocks for browsing the web, using apps, and reading too (though I'll say that my mom's original kindle is better for reading since it's not backlit and the e-ink display is easier on the eyes). It's a total luxury item. We'd never buy it ourselves. Thanks Dad & Peggy!

Actually that seems to be the theme of Christmas, lots of people buying us things we'd feel guilty splurging on ourselves. We are so blessed by great gift givers! I'm pretty sure I can't accept any other gifts for a full year I feel so spoiled.

Did you get what you wanted this year? Anything that was a total surprise? My husband was completely surprised by his book of "year of dates" and said it was the most thoughtful gift he's ever been given. I'm calling that a victory and we're both looking forward to some very fun dates this year.

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Julie said...

We got a 47 inch flat screen TV from my parents. It is definitely something that we wanted, but would NEVER buy for ourselves.

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