Friday, February 24, 2012

Dating My Husband

Joe and I have had some fun dates lately. I like that guy. Spending time with him (preferably sans Evie) is really all I need in a date. But we've been trying to branch out and try new things. That was part of the point of giving Joe a year of dates for Christmas.

I thought I'd share what we've been up to and have planned soon because I always like to get good date ideas from friends. If you have any to share with me, leave a comment!

In January we were supposed to go Ice Skating. We got all bundled up, had a coupon for the rink and were headed out when we realized that we both had been sick and had no desire to go be freezing cold at the rink. So we went to Barnes and Noble to browse and then the movies. We're awesome like that. Roll with the punches my friends.

In February we went to a Vocal Point concert. They are so darn entertaining. We both love music and it was a lot of fun. That was supposed to happen in March down in Provo (according to the date book) but I found a concert closer to home in February so we did that instead. It was a great afternoon matinee date. And Evie had a nice time with grandma. For your viewing pleasure here is one of their songs I found on youtube, so clever and silly.

Also one of my favorites they did on the Sing Off last fall:
 Yay Vocal Point.

In March we have some great dates planned:

  • We've been wanting to go swing dancing for a while. We haven't been since we met, but we both used to go when we were single. Time to get back into it. We found a local place that does lessons + dance for $7 each. 
  • We found google offer coupon (like groupon) for 2 tickets + drinks + popcorn at the Planetarium IMAX. It was very inexpensive (maybe $15 total?) and we are science nerds so why not go to a science movie for a date :)
  • We plan on going to the new Utah Museum of Natural History up at the university. 
That should keep us busy for March. For the rest of the year we have our dates from the gift I gave Joe (link above), we always love the movies, and we just bough the pass of all passes on Groupon. It was $29 and includes a bunch of things we can do as dates:
  • water park
  • mini-golf/go karts/laser tag
  • bowling
  • ice skating
  • arena football game tickets
  • 4 REAL Salt Lake pro soccer game tickets
  • minor league baseball game tickets
The pass was $29 (per person), but I had $10 in referral credit on groupon and through my credit card (Discover) I get 15% cash back. Also each pass came with a $15 food card for when we visit the attractions. So really it was less than $20 for a bunch of dates and family fun for a year (3 and under are free so Evie didn't need a pass).

I'm not sure how long the deal is going on, so jump on it if you are interested.

One of the only things better than dating my husband is dating him for cheap.

Dating is good. Keeps the marriage healthy. It's also fun. I highly recommend it.

Happy weekend everyone!

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