Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Joey!

(How much do  love this picture of Joey, what a cute guy I tell you, what a cute guy!)

Today is Joey's birthday, I bought him this muppet alphabet print. I think it's so clever. We're trying to slowly collect art for our home that is meaningful to us and somewhat unique. Joe has a deep and abiding love of the muppets so it only made sense to pick this up. (You can follow the link through pinterest to the source)

Source: society6.com via Anna on Pinterest

He loves it and I'm excited to display it in our home when we move and get resettled this summer.

I'm really grateful Joe was born. He is so funny, smart, generous, kind, caring, witty, and good. He's a good man and I'm glad he's mine.

Happy Birthday Joey!

1 little remarks:

Joe said...

Thanks baby! That's an awesome print. I love you too!

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