Monday, March 19, 2012

Exercise Rewards: Swimsuit

I knew I wanted to reward myself for reaching certain weight loss milestones. My plan was to buy some new exercise pants (the ones I got back in know...13 pounds ago were falling off me in class the other day). But....

Then we had a swim party with Joe's family on Saturday (indoor pool).

My swimsuit is five years old but I still like it.

But I couldn't find it.


You see, we have the bulk of our belongings in my mom's garage while we live here. We only pull out what we need. We searched and searched the maze of boxes.

Alas, no suit.

I took my mom's suit as a back up, but it was too big, so we stopped on our way to the party to see if we could find something I loved.

It was a miracle.

I'm usually a bargain shopper (my last suit was bought on clearance in August) so it was weird to buy swimwear at full price in the spring.

But I'm calling it a weight loss reward.

I bought it a big snug (medium on top...hip hip hooray for not needing a large!).

Do you want to see it? Okay. But not on me, here are the pictures from Target.

It comes in lots of colors, but I'm boring and stuck with basic black.

It's not pictured here with straps, but it has them, well one halter style one.

Surprisingly the horizontal strips don't widen me.

It is probably the trendiest thing I own. Good thing we have season passes to the water park so I can get my money's worth.

But don't expect to see me sporting a tan...after my run in with skin cancer we are sunblocking fiends in this household. Excised moles and stitches will do that to a woman. Shudder.

Oh I should post the bottom too. I just got a skirt. Basic black, but it has spanx in it. That's right, ultra slimming in the tummy region. Good for those of us who have had a baby and are shedding pounds. I need the help. Also since it is TIGHT it will still fit in 10 pounds...or 15... :)
This swim skirt is much cuter (and still has spanx!) but it was not in store. In fact looks like it's out of stock at nearly every store near me. But cute, right?
So there you go, a new swimsuit/reward for losing weight.

Now we just need the weather to warm up permanently. Lost of swimming in my future this summer.

(Oh and as far as the official number I am down 13 pounds since January, THIRTEEN!? Add in the -5 from December and that's almost 20. Amazing. Can you tell I'm proud of myself?)

5 little remarks:

N Luthi said...

I think you are doing awesome!! And I have that same fit of suit from target in two suits (both one pieces since I am terrified that a tankini will filp up on me) and it is by far the most figure flattering suit I have ever owned (thus the reason I own two)

Brooke said...

Oh my CUTE swimsuit! I can't wait to go swimming and be seen with you in it. :)

Stephanie said...

Wahoo, you deserve a reward for all your hard work!! You go girl!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Cute swimming suit!! And you ARE amazing. :)

Joe said...

And man, do you look hot in it! ;)

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