Friday, March 16, 2012


Just because, here are some random truths about me/thoughts on my mind/things I can't write a whole blog post about but keep thinking about is long.

Hmm, looking at this list perhaps I should categorize:


  • I love TV, but you know what I love more than TV, books.
  • I consider myself an intellectual person but I read very little non-fiction. For leisure I want fiction.
  • And by fiction i usually mean I want well written YA books.
  • I'm slightly ashamed to be reading YA, but really it's clean and fun and CAN well well written have a lot of  depth.
  • I cannot wait for the Hunger Games movie.
  • The last Twilight movie was so awkward right? I'm somewhat ashamed for having read those books and watched those movies, but then again, I'm not.
  • A good book improves in your esteem upon reflection and discussion, a poor book does not. Hunger Games and Twilight fall in different camps here, I'll let you decide which is which.
  • Did you know they are making Ender's Game into a movie? One of my favorite books of all time and the casting looks so much better than I expected. Joe is going to read it soon.
  • I'm crazy for movie theatre popcorn. A total sucker for it.
  • I skip to the end of books, all. the. time. Joe calls this cheating, I don't care. A great book doesn't make me want to skip to the end, it makes me want to read every step in order (J.K. Rowling, you are a master), good books may have me skipping to the end but then I go back to see how it all came to be (Veronica Roth, what a debut novel, you are a rockstar), and okay books have me invested in knowing what happens to the characters but not caring about the details of how they got there (probably shouldn't name an author here, that's cruel).
  • Sometimes I think being an aerobics instructor would be a great job -- getting paid to work out?
  • Then I realize I'm nowhere near intense enough for that.
  • Also I think having a rocking toned body is requisite...also perhaps loving tofu? Um, yeah, not happening.
  • I love a good aerobics instructor -- they push me harder and I'm entertained by their intensity.
  • I wish I had more gym attending friends around here, it's a little lonely going by myself sometimes.
  • Do you know what I'm most excited for about summer? Better produce.
  • Especially tomatoes.
  • I'm heartbroken that Evie is allergic to strawberries and I'm trying to figure out how I can buy them and bring them into the house without her throwing a tantrum demanding one.
  • Strawberry shortcake is amazing.
  • So is apple crisp, I never felt this way until I made America's Test Kitchen's version. Now I keep dreaming up reasons to make it.
  • It is impossible for me to limit myself to a single serving of that apple crisp.
  • Being on a diet with less than 85 carbs a day (almost no dairy, no bread, no fruit) is really difficult, but also effective. I'm glad I don't have to eat this way for the rest of my life.
  • Meal planning makes me more excited to make dinner. Gives me something to look forward to. All day I can think "I can't wait to eat those pork chops marinating in the fridge!" and it makes dinner prep so much less overwhelming, and makes us less likely to eat out in a moment of stress. Meal planning, worth it.
  • My main goal in parenting is to raise a likable child. I keep thinking about this with Everly
  • I complain about Everly's sleep a lot. I'm making myself crazy actually and my friends must be tired of it. I apologize friends.
  • I also am really truly so tired of not sleeping.
  • I like being in the club of people who have passes to things -- taking Evie to the aquarium, zoo, pool -- you name it -- and not being obligated to "get our money's worth" in a single visit is really nice. Also even if I go alone to these places I feel less isolated than when I am at home.
  • I feel like it is easier to be a parent when the weather is good. Evie is happier when we go outside in nice weather and so am I. Being cooped up all winter has been harder on me than I realized.
  • Sesame Street is run by geniuses. It is the most watchable kids program (for adults) that I have encountered. So so funny sometimes.
  • Most of the time I feel like a failure as a parent. It seems like I am never doing a good enough job. I need to stop feeling this way and I know it.
  • I wish I could always have 9am church. It is so much better with Evie's nap schedule.
  • Teaching the adults at church is my favorite calling. I wish I could have it for life.
  • I've thought about writing a book about Choosing Faith, but I find it overwhelming. It feels like a giant task and really difficult to put yourself out there in that way. But I can't shake the thought. Perhaps God is trying to tell me something...
  • I am going to BYU women's conference this year, anyone want to join me? End of April. Joe has already agreed to take the day off and watch Evie. My favorite religion teacher from the Y is one of the keynote speakers. I can't wait.
  • This talk is amazing. Amazing amazing amazing. Also this one.
  • There was a quote on Pinterest this week by CS Lewis. "You do not have a soul. You are a soul.  You have a body." - love that.
So there you have it friends, a really long bullet pointed list. Did anyone make it to the end? I know it is really text heavy, no pics. Phew. 

I better go finish getting ready for the day while the little one naps.

Have a great weekend!

6 little remarks:

Mrs.O'C said...

I just finished reading a book celebrating 40 years of Sesame Street and entertaining adults along with preschoolers was one of the key goals of the original creator! FACT. :)

Brooke said...

And this is why we're friends. Because I totally have thoughts like this all the time. I love YA books and tomatoes from our garden. I am reading the tipping point and it talked about sesame street and how they were introducing it to be a learning opportunity and they didn't know if parents would put it on if they didn't like it too, so they made it appeal to the parents and kids, and it totally worked. And I wish we could have 9 AM church, and that i could workout at the gym with you. The end.

Leilani said...

Great list! I agree that going to the gym with friends makes it so much more fun.

elev8 said...

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Ali said...

SAD about the strawberry allergy!! Can she grow out of it??

Jeff will be super interested in knowing Ender's Game will be a movie...he read that this year and it's the one book that converted back to recreational reading after law school:)

You writing a book sounds cool...I could totally see it happening.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Okay, so I LOVE this post and I read every word. :) I know you wrote this post 1 1/2 weeks ago... so I'm totally behind the times. BUT - I was out of town, then I had sister time, then I was ill, then I got a crown. So life has been busy...

In any case... a few things...

YEAH - heard about Ender's Game. I too am excited for the casting.

As for skipping to the ends of books - that makes me laugh out loud. I never do it... it's like I'm breaking the law if I try. But my sister loves it. We all have our quirks as readers.

And I'm with you on reading fiction... nonfiction, not so much.

Aerobics instructor as a job?!? Yeah, sign me up. I wanted to do that when I was into boot camp, but I love too many other things. I like to work out as a hobby... not a job.

I love meal planning... I hate dieting. I only have 15 lbs left over from after I had Deirdre (I know... it's not that much, I shouldn't complain and I'm not really...) But I can't work up the courage to count calories again. I HATE it. It works... but I hate it. Plus, I'm a bit nervous about what it will do to me since I'm hypoglycemic now. I remember you telling me about a book for dieting and keeping your blood sugar up. Do you remember what it is called?

No one is sick of you and the "not sleeping" FB and blog posts. Seriously... it's so sad my friend. I truly thought that Evie would improve by a year. Linus was dreadful for 10 months, but then he got way better. I'm SO SO SO SORRY.

Amen on 9:00 church sister.

And that quote by CS Lewis - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I'm writing it down and imprinting it on my brain. I love him. Have you read Mere Christianity??

I'm done... Sorry.

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