Friday, June 1, 2012

There's an App for That {Health and Fitness}

Is all I blog about anymore health and fitness? Don't worry soon I'll blog about the Barbie Dream House from the late 1970s that I've been spray-painting and the furniture I'm remaking from eBay. So if you prefer craft posts I'll have one soon.

But I told you this year's one and only goal was "Be Healthy". I'm serious about it.

I never had a smart phone until right before Evie was born when we looked at the plans with Sprint and realized it wasn't going to save us much for me to stay with a regular phone. And I really love it. So good thing it wasn't that much more money. I'm an addict now.

Here are a few apps related to health and fitness that I love.

My Fitness Pal

I'm not really counting calories now, but when I was this app was great. It is easy to track, tells you how soon you can lose pounds if you stick on your current caloric trend, makes it easy to find foods you eat often. Great database. And it has a barcode scanner for packaged food. Awesome.
[Available on iphone, Android, Blackberry, iPad and Windows Phone, free]

I wanted to have a place to track my weight-lifting so that I could see what I did last time and push myself harder where needed (instead of just guessing how heavy to go each time). I got lucky that my search in iTunes pulled up this gem. It is like a game for weightlifting (and actually cardio too). It gives you points when you do things, you can complete "quests" for more points. It is just awesome. It has a social aspect so you can compete against friends/family or just yourself. The points feature makes me want to work out harder. So motivating. Love it. If you want to add me, my username is annas3 [Available for now only on iPhone, bummer for the Android users out there, free]

Recipe Apps
I've always heard the saying "focus on what you can eat, not what you can't eat" and found it kind of trite and not that helpful. But actually what I have found is that what works for me is finding healthy things to be excited to eat, and that means cooking. The smart phone makes it easy to pull up recipes in the kitchen too. So here are a few apps I've used:

Aren't we all visual when it comes to food? I don't pin healthy recipes exclusively but I try to not pin every indulgent dessert that looks yummy on pinterest. But I can't help but pin a few less healthy ones.

The app makes it easy to pull up things I've pinned when I'm in the kitchen (or to search for new ones by keyword). My recipe board is here. And I have a board here of things I've tried from pinterest (including recipes) with notes on how they went.

[Available for now only on iPhone but I hear they are working on an Android app, free. -- Oh and Android users can just access the Pinterest site through the mobile browser for now]

All Recipes/Epicurious
These are really good general recipe apps.When you need to just "search" for something particular.

All Recipes has a regular search feature and then it also has this spinner:
[Available on iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire (bigger screen for recipes!), Windows Phone, free]

Epicurious I haven't used much but it seems good too:
[Available on iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire & Nook (bigger screen for recipes!), Windows Phone, free]

For both of them I find that the reviews of other users are really helpful.

Peas and Thank You
This is a blog I read (and love). She is so funny and she cooks recipes that are always vegetarian and often vegan. This is a style of cooking I'm not that familiar with and so I like to read her blog. I love that it easy to access a bunch of the recipes in a pretty app. Also she has a "pantry" section where she explains what certain items are (helpful for those of us who aren't as familiar with things like agave or nutritional yeast). I'm excited about this app.
[Available only on iPhone, free]

Anyway, that's it. I don't tend to accumulate too many apps, just a few I love. Let me know if I've missed any revolutionary apps you think I should try. :)

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