Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blog motivation close to zero

So I don't blog much anymore.

Between sharing random photos on instagram & facebook, pinning things to pinterest, and sharing book reviews on goodreads I just don't have a lot to share. I mean I guess I could blog about fitness...or my econ class...or post pictures of Evie on the family blog. But really, I just have very little motivation to blog. I have so little spare time and I just don't want to spend it on the computer.

But I did do a recap of the past 6 months on the family blog. Head over there for some gems.

And just for fun and randomness, here's a picture of my friends and I from graduation. Yes, high school graduation. My friend Steve posted it and I stole it since I lost so many of my high school pics in the moving van theft fiasco. So here you go, little me and the best friends a girl could ask for (I still see a lot of them, often. Love them). Can you find me? I look terrible in this picture, but I'd still kill to have that body back. :)

2 little remarks:

Greg and Nancy said...

LOVE that picture!!

Tannie Datwyler said...

That's too fun - this picture makes me smile. :) My 10 year reunion is this month.

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