Friday, July 13, 2012

Hey friends, I just had to show you this rug Joe and I just bought.

But first, rugs are expensive right? Decent rugs. And I find it so hard to commit.

Knowing that at 28 and 33 we are moving back into student housing, cinderblocks, industrial carpet, limited square footage, I just felt we needed to do something to spice up that apartment and make it feel more home-y and happy.

So I started hunting rugs. If you saw my Pinterest feed recently you would know this. There were lots of options, but even the budget ones (for about a 5'X7') were going to be $160-$250.

I found some I liked, but none where I was like "this is the rug!".

I almost bought this one from Company C (available online at Garnet Hill) when I saw it at a local store. The floor model was down to $229 (for the 6 X 9), but it was really worn in places and over $200 was more than I'd planned on spending. So I passed it up...though it was very nearly love (so bright and colorful and geometric. love.)

Recently my mom told me that has an outlet store here in Utah. Outlet, as in cheaper than their already cheap rug prices. Plus I could look at them in person and check color and texture.

So I've been over there 3 times. But couldn't quite commit. I liked things but didn't love them.

Then tonight Joe and I swung by (third time's the charm!) and found this beauty (pardon the low light cell phone pic...):
It's called "charcoal" but it's really more of a blue-gray in person. And it is soft. Softer than you'd expect for wool. You can find it online at Overstock on sale now for $147 (from the $289 list price). But we got it, for $80, including tax. 

It's love. True love. Happy soft beautiful rug for the apartment.

(If you are local and want to go to the Overstock outlet -- they have rugs, chairs, lamps, bedding, tables all at about half of their web price -- it is at about 8600 S and 1300 E in Sandy, UT).

Yay for a rug and yay for moving into our apartment in less than a month. Now the question is, what color throw pillows do I put on our tan couch...

5 little remarks:

*Aliese* said...

LOVE it! Good choice.

Becky Knowles said...

LOVE! I must check out this outlet store. How wonderful. I think orange, red, or mustard yellow for pillows.

Jessie said...

So pretty, I love it! And I agree, if you have to move back into the cinderblocks, you deserve something to make it awesome. :) And I also vote for mustard, or orange, or lime green, or... with tan and navy, your options are pretty open. I look forward to completed pics.

Kacey said...

That's an awesome deal! Nice work. :)

We're looking for a glider that doesn't cost an arm and a leg...maybe we'll have to check that place out.

(And with those colors, you could do ANY accent color really. Choose whatever makes you happy!)

Ali said...

My favorite rug in my house (in Ty's room) is from overstock! I can't imagine what I'd do if I lived next to an overstock outlet!! Amazing steal. Way to go.

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