Monday, July 16, 2012

Taking all family posts private

I try to be reasonably cautious on the internet. If I can see a good reason to take precautions, I do. I've got my facebook account on strict privacy settings and then I can feel comfortable about what I post there since it's people I already know. Previously the only reasons I thought it was really necessary to keep content related to Evie private was so that when she got older she didn't have a legacy of content about her youth that she may not want shared publicly (things an employer or college admissions just didn't need to see). My blog is so small that I never worried about people stealing pictures and re-using them (at least not in a way that was dangerous). Then I met with a friend last week who told me an acquaintance of hers had pictures of her child stolen from their blog and uploaded to a child porn site with all kinds of creepy editing. And they were powerless to get them removed. That wigged me out. I'll spare you the profanity that comes to mind when I consider this topic. So I'm going back and taking all posts off this blog with pictures of my sweet Evie, because even if the chance is remote, I'd rather play it safe than trust the world and get burned. At least on this issue. I don't like to be fearful without reason so I've been lazy about using the private family blog but now I'm going to post family pictures exclusively on that blog. So if you don't already have an invite to our family blog please be sure to send me an email or facebook message for an invite. I chose to not to take this entire blog private since people visit this blog from other referrals (like Pinterest), especially for the quiet book posts. So I'm leaving the rest public and will still blog here from time to time if I have things to post that don't require posting pics of my family. Phew this post is serious. I just thought I'd explain. (p.s. if you want to take part of your blog private, but not all of it, you can export your blog and re-import it to another blog -- choosing which posts to take. It takes a little more time than just making the whole thing private, but really wasn't too bad)

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