Saturday, August 18, 2012

I ate three donuts...and lost 18 pounds

So I have a weakness for doughnuts. They call to me. I want them. I love them.

(image here)

Not really plain glazed (though those can be delicious).

But chocolate cake with icing.
Cream filled bismark.
Raised lemon doughnut with lemon glaze.
Even those silly hostess crumb donuts.

I'm not really into the maple bar though, I could pass on that.

Still, generally, it's a weakness.

One of the health blogs I read (and love) says I should never eat deep fried foods. Never. Heartbreaker. Most of these fried foods I don't really mind doing without, but I truly miss doughnuts when I don't eat them.

So rewind back to when I was pregnant with Evie. I was commuting home from work one day and before I get on the freeway I pass this Krispy Kreme...with a drive thru. Danger. So I pull in. And I have this weird thing where I'm embarrassed at the drive thu to order just one $1 doughnut (irrational, right?) so I order three. I think I was thinking "I can have one now, one when I get home, and give one to Joe"

That is not what happened. I ate all three before Joe got home.

And hid the box in the garbage so he wouldn't ask questions. I can still picture myself stashing that donut box in the the trash can. So silly. I could not believe I ate three doughnuts, in a row. And I felt sick (emotionally AND physically)

And yet I told Joe when he got home: "I ate so many doughnuts today and I threw away the box so you wouldn't know!"

And he said "how many did you eat?"

And I said "I can't tell you, I'm so ashamed"

And he laughed and bugged me and I wouldn't tell him.

And after a while he finally guessed "It was three huh?" and I said "how did you know!!???" in an embarrassed voice (or perhaps yelp/squeal/whisper).

And he said "because if it was just two you wouldn't be ashamed and there's no way you ate four".

And we laughed about it and it was ridiculous.

And we still laugh about it. "Remember that one time I ate three doughnuts and hid it from you and you guessed anyway, that was ridiculous".

I'm proud to say I have never since driven through a Krispy Kreme drive thru and ordered multiple donuts.

And, well, miraculously, I only gained about 35lbs in my pregnancy (and I was 8 days overdue). So I guess it worked out okay.

And now, this brings us to a related topic.

My hard core exercising, dieting, changing my life, New Year's resolution to "Be Healthy" is paying off.

As of today I am nearly 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight with Everly. And about 18 pounds thinner than I was in December. And only a couple pounds away from being at my wedding weight.

I also have good biceps and more defined triceps. And a flatter stomach. It is awesome.

I also cheerfully make my way through 50 minute kickboxing and zumba classes, bench press 40 pounds, and do bicep curls with 15 lb dumbells. And for Christmas I really want a set of these so I can weight lift at home while I watch DVRed TV after class:

Yes. That is what I want for Christmas. Not a gift card to Krispy Kreme.

How did this happen? It is still a miracle to me. That I found my groove and I like it. It's generally not painful or difficult (the exercising part...the food part takes more planning and discipline). It is just part of my life.

There's still a long road ahead. I want to lose at least 25 more pounds to get my BMI in range. And ideally more like 40 to be well within in range. And then maintain that weight.

In the mean time, occasionally I will still splurge on a single delicious doughnut. And I won't feel one bit ashamed about it...provided I've worked out at least 3 times that week, preferably 4 or 5. :)

Anyone else a lover of doughnuts? Still sticking to a New Year's resolution? A health/fitness nut? Embarrassed by how bad of a dancer they are in Zumba, but keep going anyway?

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*Aliese* said...

I, too, love doughnuts. And a myriad of other fried foods. And I still eat them. Maybe after Baby's born I'll make more of an effort to eat/live healthier since...well...that kind of flew out the window.

Tannie Datwyler said...

This post makes me smile. I totally love it!!

I agree with you that (for me) exercise is the easier part. Once you get into the groove of exercise it is fun and addicting. And by the way, I am SUPER impressed with your skills. I need to start doing some strength training again - it's been WAY too long. I went to a PIYO class that nearly killed me last week. :)

Food... food is hard. I wouldn't say I eat in an unhealthy fashion, because as a general rule I eat well and feed my family well. But, I don't like to stop and think and analyze about every single pat of butter, teaspoon of sugar, or potato chip that I have throughout the day. And although I'm not a doughnut fan, we all have our weaknesses!! Simply staying away from sweets is hard for me. After I eat dinner I feel like it is time for something sweet and I've got to break that habit.

The difficulty I'm in right now is trying to maintain my blood sugar levels and train for my race next month. It is the devil hard. I had a severe dive last week that scared me really badly. I know you are so good at the internet and perhaps you can point me in the direction of a blog or website that you've stumbled although in your journey. Anything that I can gain tips from. Just a thought. :)

Thanks for sharing your journey! You are amazing - keep going!

Sarah Flib said...

I love doughnuts too. Chocolate icing, please.

Also, you are AWESOME for finding your workout groove!

Emily S said...

Doughnuts are AMAZING! I don't make New Year's resolutions, not because I hate them, but because it's always busy then and I figure I can make a resolution any time. Like a resolution for the week or the day or the month . . . so much easier to be successful and happy with my success. I resolve to make myself a lemon sheetcake soon . . . wait, will work on something better.

As for working out, I have always liked sports and LOVED dancing, and working out has kept me at some level of sane for the past 5 years. Hooray for working out!

Love the 3 doughnut guessing story, by the way.

Ali said...

haha! I am so in love with this post. It is perfect. I love that he guessed how many you had:)...and that, though you "hid" the box from him, you still had to immediately tell him- I can so see myself doing the same thing. Kudos to you, by the way- I'm glad that it feels normal now, and it's paying off!!! and yes, I love donuts too:)

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