Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I did this week

Things I did this week:
-Turned in econ term paper
-Read lots and lots of econ
-Took econ quizzes
-Talked with sleep specialist
-Picked up new prescription
-Returned all remaining library books (paid a few fines, woops)
-Went to the gym twice, third time tomorrow, bummed to be leaving my current teachers soon
-Counted calories, losing weight again :)
-Grocery store (twice)
-Rented a uhaul
-finished packing the stuff in the garage
-helped load the uhaul
-studied for econ final
-picked up keys for the new apartment & paid rent
-went out with Joe to dinner on our anniversary - 30 minute date? check.
-met with RA, got the rest of keys, finished new apartment inspection
-cleaned a little (emphasis on the little)
-kept Evie alive
-tried to get Evie to take naps
-bribed Evie to take her medicine by promising her little ice cream sandwiches (the 100 calorie ones are the perfect toddler size and IT WORKED)
-watch some olympics
-tried to figure out financial aid for the U for fal
-planned/calendered/to-do listed so I wouldn't lose my friggin mind

Still to do this week
-finish reading econ, taking quizzes, and 2 WSJ articles (phew)
-take econ final (ugh)
-go pick raspberries
-take Evie to Joe's family reunion all day Saturday, pray for a car nap
-go to the gym tomorrow, MAYBE Saturday if we can squeeze it in

Things I did NOT do this week:
-Cook much dinner (unless you count making green smoothies & sandwiches, does that count?)
-Do much laundry (unless you count swimming suits and swim towels?)
-Clean much of anything (besides a few dishes)
-A lot, a lot of other things

It has honestly been one of the craziest weeks I've had in a long time. On Saturday I fully intend to collapse on the couch after Evie is in bed. And MAYBE do some laundry as I watch the Olympics.


Our new apartment looks like this? Sexy right? Wish us luck with Evie's sleep transition...yikes.

3 little remarks:

Joe said...

I am married to super woman! Nice work, baby.

Joe said...

I am married to super woman! Nice work, baby.

Jen said...

I'm Aliese's little sister...just so you don't think a weirdy is creeping your blog. One of my best friends lived in a dorm that looked pretty much exactly like yours and I think you'd be surprised at how much you can cute up cinderblock and industrial tile. Good luck in grad school!

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