Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012, the best year yet?

Back in the beginning of the year I declared that 2012 would be our best year yet and made a giant list of to-dos. I just got done updating it (here). This is mostly for me, but some exciting things we completed in the past month or so:

  • Saw the Sound of Music @ Hale Theatre (it was so fun)
  • Berry Picking again (we've been twice, once for blackberries and once for raspberries...and we'll go again soon :)
  • Hit the 20lb weight mark. :) - sure scales differ, time of day, what you wear, it's hard to say it is comparable. But more or less I am 20 pounds thinner than last December. And I bought pants a size down. It has been so amazing. {If you are like me you'd probably want to see a picture of this 20lb weight photos coming in early October, I'll post one then}
  • Quit my job - I have these few tidbits I need to wrap, but I'm essentially done. Which is good because school is busy
  • Move, unpack completely. Yep, basically done, a few things remaining since I got sick last week, but it is looking awesome. Pictures soon. Here's a rough instagram of the nearly done-ness:

Upcoming exciting ones:
  • Sell one of our cars. It is in the shop getting some last minute repairs and we have an interested buyer. Whether they take it or we list it, it should be gone by the end of the month. Yay for no payment, no insurance on that one, and less gas. 
  • Become completely debt free except for my small student loan -- this is GREAT news, we are so so close. And that student loan just went into subsidized deferment since I am back in school which means it gains no interest and needs no payments for now. Can I say how glad I am to soon not be slave to any interest payments to anyone?! Finances are personal so I hesitate to share too much, but I am excited to say we are close to becoming debt free. I am giddy.
  • Pass three classes in my program. I am currently in far it looks good? We will see.
(This, FYI, is the most comfortable library chair of all time. It keeps you upright so you don't slouch and fall asleep, but it is COMFORTABLE. And the armrests are wide and neither too high nor low. It is the perfect reading chair. I need one at my house...except it is a bit modern for my aesthetic.)

Overall it has been a good year. And our best yet. I feel like we are shedding bad habits & dead weight and finding our groove as a family (and individuals). 

Now if only our baby could sleep achieving all our goals gets easier. We're working on that with her steps...and sometimes backward steps too. Sigh.

And since the move I've had to put the gym on hold so that Evie won't freak out. We moved, new nursery leaders at our new congregation, she started 1 preschool & 1 daycare (same building, different staffs)...I just didn't want to ALSO stick her in a new gym daycare. But I am going crazy. Next week back to the gym. I seriously CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Bring on the zumba. Or weights. Or both.

And also the increased sanity and patience I have so desperately lacked. I'm sure Evie has missed those, I know Joe has...

3 little remarks:

Jessie said...

Sounds like a great year so far to me. :)

Ali said...

I love that snapshot of your apt...looks so good. Congrats on ALL of this news. You accomplish SO much, way to be Anna:)

Kaela said...

You have certainly had a busy and seemingly very fulfilling year!! I too love your apartment and that chair also looks delightful:) Here's hoping to a more restful 2013 and better solutions for Evie!! Here's to hard work paying off!

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