Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christmas Cards Deal

We just got our family photos from this year. I am so happy with them. Both because they are good and we got an amazing deal through Groupon. I heart Groupon. I have expensive photography tastes but we are still on a student budget so $55 for the session plus 5 digital negatives was right up my alley. Unfortunately that Groupon is gone or I'd link to it for you locals.

There is however a Groupon for Vistaprint. I designed our Christmas card myself and was debating about the cheapest place to get color 5X7s printed. Then today I found this $14 for $54 groupon. Done and done. And we'll have some extra credit even after the cards so we'll probably order some photo magnets for the grandparents or something. :)

Anyway, just thought I'd pass it on. I know it would be cheaper and easier for me to just send out an e-card each year (and last year I didn't even get all my cards sent out, only about 3/4 of them), but I just love holiday cards. I love receiving them, hanging them on my fridge, seeing all the happy faces. And I love sending them, knowing someone will get happy mail in their mailbox with a little note and cute card from our family. So we're keeping it old school on this tradition.

(p.s. unforunately I also had to purchase a windshield replacement groupon since some lovely person decided to drive like a maniac and send rocks flying up to crack my windshield beyond what can be repaired. Lamedy, lame.)

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*Aliese* said...

I agree. Getting mail is a happy thing. And replacing windshields is not.

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