Friday, October 26, 2012

Have a Healthy Holiday

As most of you already know, I have been working my little behind off to lose weight this last year. And now that I'm over 20lbs down (25ish actually) I am dreading the holidays. I love the holidays, but I also love the food...too much. I love pie. Love it. Love sweets. It is dangerous.

Then the other day I saw a sign at the gym that said something like "the average person gains 10lbs of fat during the holidays" or something likewise atrocious. No, no, no. no!!! Not after this year of hard work. #&!? no. I think you get my point.

So I challenged Joe to a little health goal. A challenge. Sticker chart if you will.

With prizes.

The real prize, of course, is continued weight loss. But I'll take a regular prize too. :)

To really motivate us these have to be big prizes. Things we would not normally splurge on. No $25 new sweater will motivate me when cheesecake temptation is placed before me.

Joe knew immediately that he wanted this tablet. He's been lusting after various android tablets for a long time now. And it's only $200 so that seems reasonable for 2 months of staying on track with fitness goals. Especially since we usually don't spend much on each other at the holidays.

As for me...I really want another camera lens. But the next step up is a pricey one. At least $300-$400 even if I get it used. So I'll probably put my $200 in savings to combine with birthday or Christmas money and save up for something pretty, like this lens I have pinned to Pinterest:

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

As to how we're structuring our weight loss competition. Here's the plan.

8pts possible per day.
-Healthy breakfast (1pt)
-Staying under calorie goal (2pts)
-Exercise (2pts)
-No treats (2pts)
-Water (1pt)

Our contest is going from Nov 1st-Dec 31st.
There are 488 total possible points and we need to get at least 300 to win our prize.
This number, 300, was found from expecting that we'd eat healthy breakfast every day, stay under our calorie goal 6/7 days per week, exercise 3 days a week, skip out on treats 3 days a week, and drink 64oz of water more days than not (4 days per week).

 It is a reasonable goal but also requires discipline. It will allow us to splurge at special parties/events, but know that we have to be good the other days. Or say we go over our calorie goal for a party, we can stay on track by drinking all our water and exercising that day as well.

I'm a fan of plans where you can rebound if you've been slacking. No one likes a fitness challenge where at the end of the first week you are already defeated and feel like there's no point continuing.

I have reminders every 7 days of where our cumulative points need to be to stay on track for our prize. So if by November 14th I don't have at least 69 points I know I need to pick up the pace (or risk not getting my lens money!).

I like this, competitions that give second chances. And actually it's not a competition, because we can both "win", but it is a good challenge.

So this is my challenge to you, my friends. Find something you want, set a goal for yourself, and LOSE weight this holiday season rather than gaining it.

[As I was typing up this post I got an email from Groupon with this deal for Gold's Gym, 10 visits for $19. That is a great deal if you don't want a contract/commitment but you want to go hit Zumba twice a week, which I highly recommend. I've been with this gym since November and have been very happy with it.]

Join the gym, join us in our fitness challenge. It'll be worth it come January when your clothes are baggy instead of tight... :)

Let this motivate you:

Me at family pictures 2011: (pre-holidays, pretty sure I gained from here to December...)
Me at family pictures 2012: (noticeably, to me at least, thinner).
So...who's going to join us? It'll be fun!

6 little remarks:

Holly Strong said...

Davis and I are in!!! Okay I haven't told him yet but we are in!!!! LOL

Tess said...

So I'm pretty sure you've posted something similar to the article I'm about to link you to...but I just wanted to share it anyway. I'm super impressed with your accomplishments and hope you get the lens!

Anna said...

@Tess, I have seen that link floating around facebook land. It's true, mothers need to make an effort to get in the pictures too. So hard to do sometimes!

Angie said...

Good for you guys! Sweets are my weakness too, so i love this idea. You look fabulous. Keep up the hard work!

Brooke said...

I would join the challenge, but i'm still up for some more weight gain in the next two months, and then a HUGE weight loss in one day, probably at least a 9 pound baby, and then more with water loss, etc. Not my favorite weight loss plan, but you know a cute baby comes in the end. I'm loving your motivation and goals though, and you do look fabulous! I'm excited to see how it goes! Eric has actually been losing even more weight if you can believe it, we'll see how that holds out during the holidays.

Tannie Datwyler said...

This is a REALLY awesome goal/strategy/reward system. I love it!! I know you'll do awesome because you are determined.

You look so fabulous Anna.

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