Friday, November 2, 2012

It's on!

Yesterday I got all the stickers on my sticker chart. All 5. It was a beautiful thing.

Then I ate a few goldfish crackers that might technically have put me over my calorie limit. Meh. It's all good. Though Joe did say "I'm going to rip that sticker off your chart right now!" (imagine that is in sarcasm font...a font I'm still waiting for...)

Seriously, though, we are really into our little health challenge. And it's not that hard. I just keep thinking about my lens that I want and also about the German chocolate cake I plan on splurging on at my brother's birthday party Sunday. I have to be a good girl until then because I'm pretty sure that's going to kill my calorie count AND my "no sweets" stickers. #worthit

On a related note, on Halloween night I went to the gym and lifted weights. I am still sore today. So so sore.
Yesterday I walked 30 minutes to campus with Evie (actually longer now that I think about it). It's not as good as a full gym workout, but I still got my sticker. :)

This morning Joe did push ups and some planking to work toward his exercise goal. Everly climbed on him mid-plank, haahahaha. Planking is hard enough without a 25lb monkey on your back. So hilarious though.

Also "wicked" water bottle is cheering me on. [Sidenote: this is the only souvenir I bought in the UK for myself. We saw the musical  there and it is labeled "The Wonderful Wizard's Green Elixer: Morning Cure-All, One Sip Never-Fail". I drank from it while pregnant and Everly is not green. :) ]

 I have to down about 3 of these a day for my water sticker. Also, how cool is this drinking fountain in the library. They installed these on campus as part of their "sustainability" initiative. It has a ticker to show how many water bottles have been saved by students instead refilling existing bottles. Cool. Also way faster to fill up a bottle using this than the regular drinking fountain.

So we're off, happy fitness challenge to us. Hopefully by the end of December you find me 10lbs thinner instead of 10 lbs heavier. And the proud owner of a new fancy camera lens. Sigh.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

This all makes me smile. :) GO GO GO!! You can do it. :)

I LOVE the green water bottle. I wish they'd had one at the Capitol when Richard and I saw Wicked.

Thanks for your comment on my blood sugar problems by the way. It really means a lot. It's hard sometimes and very frustrating. But, it's getting better all the time. As long as I'm not LOW, then I'm fine. I can deal with other side effects. But just like your diabetic friend said, when you get really low you literally feel like you'd like to die. It's pure misery.

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