Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recipes from Pinterest I've Actually Tried

Pinterest kills me sometimes.

All the descriptions that say "the most amazing ______ you'll ever eat" and "life changing ______" and "where has this recipe been all my life!?"

This especially kills me because most of the people who've pinned it with that description have not actually made it.

I wish all my pins could come vetted by America's Test Kitchen, you know, who makes brownies 50 different ways to find just the ideal combination of fat, sugar, and cocoa type. Bless you ATK, but your cookbook is not so easy to browse as pinterest with its pretty pictures.

Anyway, so I pin recipes. Sometimes I pin treats, but lets be honest, I need no help finding treat recipes that appeal to me. I try to pin main dishes or sides since novelty in things like vegetables motivates me to eat more of them. I need no novelty with desserts. 9/10 that brownie will appeal to me even if it ends up not being as good as the from scratch recipe my mom makes.

Anyway, so I thought I'd share a few pinterest recipe pins that I have actually tried, with suggestions for what I'd change next time. I actually move pins (recipes + others) that I've tried to a board I call "Been There, Done That." Anyway here they are.

Turkey Dip:

This recipe is so good. And it uses a crock pot! I love french dip, but this is a bit healthier for you. And I love that it isn't using some highly processed lunch meat, but rather whole slices of turkey breast. The flavor is amazing. It also freezes really well, I just put the meat and juices in a zip loc bag. Then a few weeks later I zapped it in the microwave and toasted a fresh baguette. Easy easy and so delicious.

*Substituted dried rosemary
*Didn't have any thyme (all out) so I just used rosemary
*Doubled the juice part
*Used a larger turkey breast (it was the smallest I could find at my grocery store, that's why I doubled everything else)
*Whatever cheese I had on hand.

Next time:
*Next time I might double the juice part again, we like lots of "dip" with our sandwiches.

Parmesan quinoa bites:

This recipe is a great way to try quinoa if you haven't yet. And to get some veggies into kids in a sneaky way (unless they are turned off by even the hint of veggies -- you can still see them in flecks). Quinoa is an odd texture, but it is really good for you and a great option if you need to be gluten free. These were warm and yummy and a good meat free meal option. And Joe was able to take them for lunches later.

I don't remember making any

Next time
Probably make them just the same. Maybe a bit more cheese. I'm not sure. I wasn't crazy about them, but for a healthy meat free option they were pretty good and I'd probably do them again.

CopyCat Rumbi Bowls:

Great recipe, easy. Can't believe it didn't occur to me to replicate this before I saw it on Pinterest. Allows me to make a healthier version of a restaurant favorite (for cheaper too!). The most time consuming part of this is chopping the veggies. If you have a mandolin or some other chopping tool (that can slice and not just dice) I'd whip it out for this. I love this one so much I'm planning on making it again on Sunday.

So really I just took the idea and ran with it. I've made it several times with several different variations.
*She makes the special rumbi rice (which I guess has coconut milk and beans in it), but I just have used white rice or brown rice. This is actually a great one for brown rice because there's so much else going on it really is just serving as filler coated in veggies, meat and sauce.
*Once I forgot the meat...hmm, unintentional meatless meal? It was still good.
*I never include zucchini because I hate it.
*I use as little oil as possible (can't remember what hers calls for)
*I chop the carrots rather than shred them because I like the texture better and it is easier to keep them from overcooking.
*I use pre-made sauce rather than whipping up a special one. We use "veri veri teriyaki" which you can just get at a regular grocery store or at Costco.
*You really don't need to measure anything here, it's more just the idea to stir fry this particular combo. Very simple.

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers:

Okay so technically I didn't find this on pinterest. I found it on Emily's blog directly, but when I pinned it to Pinterest it got repinned 159 times so apparently this appealed to people? Really it was delicious. Again quinoa is kind of an aquired taste for those of us who are texturally challenged. If you are like me I'll just say that the cheese becomes crucial and the familiar mexican flavors really helped me get on board. This made A LOT (for me, it's very filling) so I think next time I'll half it.

Next time:
*Amp up the black beans. I really struggle with the texture of quinoa so I think next time I might add a few more black beans to cut the ratio of quinoa/black beans down a bit
*Serve as a side--we ate these as a main dish (great!) but I think I'd rather eat it with a small bit of meat (grilled chicken?) rather than filling up solely on this.

Anyway, so there you go, a few recipes to try. There are a couple more on the pinboard (with feeback in the comment part) so you can check those out too if you want.

If you have any Pinterest recipe successes, send them my way, I'd love it. :)

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Julie said...

We have been eating the stuffed bell peppers long before pinterest. They are delightful. I do like them with more black beans.

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