Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things I love: Sonicare, sweet sonicare

I swear I have the worst teeth. Up through high school they were fine, but during college and since then they just get worse and worse. I was kind of lazy about my dental hygiene for a few years in college (not never brushing, come on, that's gross, I just mean I wasn't a twice a day brushing, flossing, mouth-washing machine). So some of that was my fault. But now I am much better about it now and I still have terrible teeth.

It's such a bummer.

But you know what makes it more pleasant.

This toothbrush.

I actually have an older model, but basically the same thing. I got it with Costco gift card about 6 years ago and it is amazing. We ran out of replacement heads for several months last year and just finally picked some up this weekend. And just like that I was reunited with my toothbrush and my teeth feel amazing. I forgot how good it was...and consequently how bad other toothbrushes are at removing plaque.

I know it's pricey, but really, worth it.

Highly recommended.

Don't let my continued cavity rates detract you...they'd be even worse without it.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

I hear you on the cavity front!! I take REALLY good care of my teeth. I don't eat much junk, I floss every single day, and I brush 3 times a day (once with an electric). DRIVES ME NUTS.

For 8 years I only had 1 cavity. But for whatever reason, karma is after me. In the last year alone I've had more than 10 cavities (I think...). AND I had to get a crown. WHAT THE???????????

I LOVE my electric toothbrush too. I'm not sure what brand it is... I think it's oral B, but I'm too lazy at present to check. :)

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