Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mess Free Make-up Set for Toddlers {Evie's Favorite Gift}

I'm not quite sure how Evie became obsessed with makeup. Since her birth I rarely wear it, and if I do it is almost always just eyeliner and mascara.

But she loves to get into it. And it is messy.

So I wanted to get her play makeup, but I could not find it anywhere. Only messy glossy cheap stuff at the dollar store or Toys R Us. If I want mess, I could just have her play with my old real stuff (and then it's free!). So a few months back I made this compact.
But I really wanted more for her. So I kept searching. I found only a few options and they were all expensive. Like this one, or this one, or even this one. Props to these entrepreneurs for filling a hole in the market, but I just can't spend $30-$60 on a toddler makeup set.

I was too busy to make her more myself, but my mom made her a set. My mom has lots of little makeups she wasn't using from samples with purchase type things. So I sent her this tutorial and it worked out great. Now Evie has a little blush, another eye shadow, and a dry mascara tube too. 

Add to this the fact that my neighbors were getting rid of a little plastic princess vanity table and stool (free to me, yes please!) and miss Evie Lou now has the perfect place to sit down and do her makeup. I got her a mini blowdryer too, inexpensive on amazon. So total this little setup cost me $6.99 out of pocket. Yes!
And ever since Christmas there has been lots of eyeshadow "applying" and drying of hair that isn't wet and lots of loading and unloading the makeup bag. The compacts can be a little tricky to open, so there's lots of "mom, mom HELP!" and I happily oblige. I love the pretending that is happening.

And the fact that a certain little person has lost interest in raiding my own makeup. 

Success on all fronts!

I hope Christmas has been just as joyful at your house. Somehow we spent very little on Evie and I still felt like it was too much (our neighbors also were getting rid of a play & makeup set...all at once!)

2 little remarks:

*Aliese* said...

So adorable; what a great idea!

Tannie Datwyler said...

So very fun!! Deirdre and Evie would be best friends. :)

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