Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Things I Love: Leggings...and Boots...and such

As with all things fashion I am late to the game, if I arrive at all.

I haven't owned leggings since like 1993 when my leggings had stirrups (sad?). I thought leggings only looked good on girls with twiggy legs, preferably long ones.

My legs are neither long nor twiggy. Even when I am thinner I've got curves. So avoid leggings I did.

Then it was black friday and my brother was placing an order through Aeropostale and everything was super cheap. I looked and saw leggings were $6 and added them to the cart. "What the heck," I thought.

Then they arrived and I wore them three times in one week.

Then Joe wisely said that I needed a couple more pairs so that I could wash them. So I went to Old Navy and got two more.

It is legging city around here.

Combine this with the fact that my birthday and Christmas gifts are two pairs of boots, black and brown. I have never owned knee high boots and was waiting until I had an excuse to buy a decent pair that would last. Enter birthday and Christmas with no other pre-planned gifts on my mind and a BOGO sale at Famous Footwear.
So basically all winter I'll be wearing leggings and boots. And something on top. Sweaters? Dresses?

It is effortless and comfortable and makes me look like I have some fashion sense, when really, I have very little. It also happens to be a totally practical mom know for those among us who are sleep deprived and throwing on whatever outfit to get to the store.

Also leggings are more socially acceptable than yoga pants, they look like a planned outfit but they take no more work. And they are just as comfortable!

And they are warmer than you'd think

Combine this with my new found love of long underwear (TMI?) and I am one warm comfortable lady. (Seriously, how have I lived this long in a cold wintery climate without either long underwear or boots in my life?! I'll tell you how, as a chronically cold and wet footed person, that's how. Silly me.)

I'm in love. Legging, boot love.

Consider this my PSA, go buy yourselves some leggings, boots, and long underwear. And be warm this winter. And fashionable.

Oh and if you are fashion minded and leggings are on their way out, don't tell me. I don't want to know.

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