Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Living the Low-Carb Dream {I heart bacon}

Hey friends. Did you have a great new years celebration last night? I rang in the new year passed out on the couch...so tired all the time, no alcohol necessary to make me collapse. I'd make a resolution to sleep more in 2013, but that is not in my power. If you can convince Evie to make it her resolution I'd much appreciate it, alas her 2013 resolution seems to be shedding as many naps from her schedule as possible. Oh Evie.

Last year I had one resolution for 2012: Be healthier.

Mission accomplished.

Not where I want to be but so so much healthier. I learned to fall in love with exercise and I shed 20 pounds over the course of the year (well a bit more, but I regained during the November/December time frame I shall call daughter-has-surgery-thanksgiving-finals-root-canal-christmas-new-years-apocalypse).

So after all that I am still down about 20lbs and feeling successful. And flabby from the past 2 months. And ready for new goals.

So resolution 2013 is: Be EVEN healthier. 


Continuing on the fitness trail of last year we are making some modifications:

1. Freezing gym memberships: schedule is too hectic and we have only one car making it difficult to get there, so we'll pick these back up later on. I still love the gym and would rather exercise there than anywhere else.
2. Signing up for a kickboxing class: my student housing has a community center where they offer fitness classes twice a week. One night I have class, the other I don't. Here comes kickboxing class.
3. Buy a set of adjustable dumbells: I had them all picked out and then the New Year hit and they went up $40 in price, so I will wait a few weeks for the craze to wear off and then we'll gear up. This allows me to do a 30 minute weight lifting routine while watching TV, like Fox's The New Girl. I love weights, these take up very little space. And Joe can use them too. Bring on the bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and some serious living room planking for the ol' abs.
4. Buy Zumba DVDs the classifieds have several listings and I have birthday cash so with these DVDs, my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, and the kickboxing class, I have cardio covered.

And last year I tried a lot of different things for diet. Sticker charts, Medifast, Weight Watchers, working with doctor. I have met varying levels of success with each of these (20lbs down?!) and I have come to the following conclusion:

  • Cutting calories is not enough (sorry WW), eating the right foods matters (thanks doctor), specifically less carbs  overall (thanks Medifast) and no refined carbs.
I firmly believe there is a difference between how you must eat to lose weight and how you must eat to maintain weight. Complex carbs are a great part of a balanced long term diet (I loved this post)-- eat complex carbs if you want to maintain your already healthy weight (I love you brown rice & black beans). 

But if you've been over-eating sugar and refined carbs and just carbs overall and you want to lose weight you need to eat very few carbs to help your body get the insulin levels in check so your body can turn into the mode where it burns fat instead of storing it. Wanna read more on hormones/insulin-resistance/carb/sugar/glycemic index: read this

I've been reading this book, upon recommendation from a smart friend who is research minded and who I respect (and who tried it out for a year himself). It makes a lot of sense. So we're going to apply the scientific method and give it a shot. Giving up carbs is not easy, but it is easier when you plan out a menu with foods to look forward to. I'm having bacon for breakfast (and eggs) every day. And I'm putting a tablespoon of feta and other goodness on my spinach salad at lunch. I will miss my sweets, but I will not miss the pounds.

I'll post more in a month or two to let you know how it works out for me. If I lose weight eating bacon you'll be the first to know. Because I can give up eating mediocre cookies at a church event if it means I get to eat bacon wrapped ____ (fill in the blank). Yum.

And if it works I will promptly buy some bacon art for my kitchen, like this one (for Joe for Valentine's day):
Or maybe this one (kinda snarky?):

2 little remarks:

Mrs.O'C said...

Oh good luck! I also think we'd all do better to realize that each body is unique and what works for one person won't work for another. Case in point--cholesterol is an issue in our house and going on a "bacon diet" would be no bueno all around. Counting calories totally did the trick for me, but I know it hasn't worked for other friends. Basically, gold star for trying new things out! And I love the idea of "bacon art."

Tannie Datwyler said...

I will be very interested to see how this diet goes! Post recipes and things you eat - I'd love to see it. It makes a lot of sense, especially if counting calories alone doesn't work.

I try to cut carbs, but I am not as good at it as I should be. I still NEED carbs to keep my insulin levels stable... but just not as many as most people can handle. My dietitian recommended that I aim for about 120 grams of cabs per day (that's 30 per meal, and about 10 per each snack if you are going for 6 times of day of eating, which is what I do to keep my blood sugar from dropping). It is SO SO easy to go over that. I keep track of my calories and my carbs on an app on my iPad. I kind of gave up the last 2 weeks (Christmas, vacation... etc.) I need to get back on track, I've been feeling ICKY.

It's strange too... I'm insulin resistant more from genetics than anything else. Which is very frustrating.

Thanks Anna! I can't wait to see where this goes.

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