Friday, January 4, 2013

2013: New Year, New Goals

I like having a list of goals for the year to reference. I never complete them all, but it is handy for me to check every once in a while and make specific plans on our calendar and daily to-do lists to accomplish them. Here's last year's list.

This year there is a decided effort to try to branch out in our family fun activities and enjoy the state we live in (especially as Evie gets bigger and makes it easier to go places).

Any suggestions/favorites that I should add to my list? Do you have a list? I'd love to see it.

(Mostly listed in order of the seasons when we'd do them)

Places to go:

  • Visit family/friends in Portland (with stopover in Idaho) Completed March 2013
  • To the Nicklecade again
  • Visit Oquirrh Mountain Temple
  • Visit Draper Temple
  • Visit SLC Temple
  • Krishna Temple Festival of Colors (in March)
  • Visit a state park - day trip (maybe Antelope Island) -- take binoculars!
  • Tandem Bike Ride/JDawgs with Joe 
  • Meet up with some friends (Braintrusters?!) at Bear Lake for a swim day
  • Tram Ride in the fall @ a ski resort
  • Utah Shakespearean Festival
  • Drive the Alpine loop in fall
  • Go Berry Picking
  • Go to Peach Days in Brigham City (September)
  • If Evie's sleep will allow, go see native american ruins (maybe these, or these at the great SL)
Things to do:
  • Go ice skating
  • Throw a baby shower for a friend Completed January 2013
  • Go bowling with our passes (M-Th, except in summer)
  • Go to Planet Play (M-Th, $1 with our passes)
  • Go to U of U basketball game (free on pass)
  • Go to U of U gymnastics meet (free on pass)
  • Attend Real SL game (free on pass)
  • Go to the ballet again (U of U, free on May 2) or buy 2 1/2 price tickets day of at Ballet West - Cinderella in February
  • Go see a musical (free an hour before curtain for students at PTC)
  • Take Evie to baby animal days at This is The Place Heritage Park (end of March/early April)
  • Fly kites on a windy day
  • Chalk Festival (in early June)
  • Throw a 3rd birthday party for Evie - maybe with a few friends?
  • Recreate our first date on the 7th anniversary in June
  • Go see hot air balloons at the Freedom Festival in Provo (July) or Ogden Balloon Festival (August)
  • Go see parade floats at the EXPO center (so I don't have to actually sit at a parade...)
  • Take Evie camping or at least to canyons for a campfire
  • Take Evie hiking
  • Take Evie to Farm Days at Thanksgiving Point ($2 Tuesdays in August)
To learn:

  • Finish reading my camera manual
  • Finish reading "Why we get fat"by Gary Taubes
  • Start reading "Jesus the Christ" by Talmage
  • Land and internship Completed February 2013(and complete it!)
  • Finish house building checklist (I've been researching, need to wrap it up/organize it)
  • Stargazing party date with Joe (at Planetarium, with park rangers, or at the U)
  • Date to Natural History Museum with Joe
To accomplish:

  • Finish paying off the car
  • Get a larger down payment for the house
  • Lose 5 lbs
  • Lose 10 lbs
  • Lose 15 lbs
  • Lose 20 lbs
  • Fit in size 10 jeans
  • Fit in size 8 jeans (this has not happened since like 8th grade...guess I'm feeling optimistic?!)
  • Tackle (clean/organize) problem area 1 (kitchen table)
  • Tackle (clean/organize) problem area 2 (office desk)

Create these:
  • Start making our 72 hr kits
  • Yarn wrapped letter for Evie's room
  • Instagram wall in living room
  • Make magnetic paper dolls (or something else similarly cool) for her 3rd b-day

5 little remarks:

Beazer said...

We just went snowshoeing by moonlight up near Snow Basin -- it was AWESOME!!! I would totally add that to do after a good, powdery snow.

Lisa said...

Great ideas! I love driving the Alpine loop in the fall and the hot air balloons on the Fourth of July is on my list, too. Good luck!
And that's great that Evie is sleeping better! I don't know how you have survived (and even gone back to school)!

Jessie said...

Looks like a great list! If you feel like coming down this way from your oregon trip (seriously, that coastline is GORGEOUS!), you're welcome to stay with us. :) It'd add some time to your trip, for sure, but I just wanted you to know you're welcome. :)

Mrs.O'C said...

I'm not usually one to note typos. But you wrote "Brantrusters" rather than "Braintrusters" and I laughed my head off over breakfast.

I, too, hope we all stay friends for years to come. And perhaps we can start going by "Brantrusters" when we hit those years where fiber is the most important part of our day.

Tannie Datwyler said...

That is very ambitious... and sounds SO FUN. :) It motivates me to find more fun places in Idaho.

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