Thursday, March 21, 2013

A few things (plus road trip pictures)

Friends, I would love to update and visit with you all - in person ideally, but even on this blog! But my life is insane right now. Insane. In addition to being sick almost all of February and March our family is trying to balance regular work, freelance work, an internship, school, cleaning the house, cooking healthy food, and having some fun too. Oh yeah plus church commitments, plus family commitments, is endless.

But for the most part it is a happy kind of busy.

A few fun things:

  • This week I bought some jeans at the Gap. I love the Gap, but I'm on a budget so I don't buy much at the gap. Luckily these $70 were now $20 and they fit amazing. I'd post a picture, but, well, I'm home with a toddler who doesn't know how to point & focus a camera. :)
  • Related to the jeans - I am kind of at a weight loss plateau. But that's good. Because from a year ago I'm still down a pants size. I've been a bit smaller, but mostly I have maintained my weight loss even with the holidays and sickness and traveling and being so busy busy busy.
  • I started a recipe group on facebook to share low sugar, high whole foods type recipes. Lots of people are participating and it is so fun. If you want to join, leave a comment and I'll add you. People are sharing great ideas: how did pesto cauliflower never occur to me before. Genius
  • This summer I am only taking one class and will have time to exercise. I am SO EXCITED.
Also we are nearly a third of the way through the year we've been working on our goals:
  • Go to Portland (with a stopover in Idaho) - we did it and it was so fun!
  • Threw a baby shower for a friend (also fun!)
  • Landed an internship - it is for the city council doing research and I am really loving it
And several others are underway.

Anyway, to wrap up here are some pictures from Portland. More on the family blog with people in them. :)

First though a quick summary of events. Not all pictured because I get busy visiting and don't take pictures. Also I'm too lazy to upload the cell phone pics.

  • Stopped in Idaho on our way, stayed with my cousin Carrie and saw her family plus my Aunt Dave & Uncle Margie. So fun!
  • Arrived in Portland, out to dinner with Joe's brother's family.
  • Church in Portland, with super awesome nursery leaders and our friends the Stevensons.
  • Lunch with Stevensons, saw the Portland Temple. Beautiful.
  • Dinner with Joe's family.
  • Lots of playing around with the cousins, Evie is obsessed.
  • Food carts
  • Toy Store
  • 2 children's museums
  • the oregon coast!
  • cheese factory
  • dinner with two of my BYU friends
  • JJ Jump Bounce House with cousins
  • Lots of visiting. Love those friends and family!
Flowers at the temple - in March!

 The countryside looks a lot like Ohio, a bit more hills and LOTS more pine trees.
 We drove all the way there (and back) and all over Portland so lots of my trip looked like this.
 Houses at the Oregon coast. I want to go to there. In the summer. When it's a bit warmer.
 Seriously, these waves are mesmerizing. (And cold!)
 Daddy & daughter rinsing off some sandy toddler legs.
 The day we drove in and the day we drove out were gloriously sunny, the rest of the days were mostly gray and sometimes drizzly.
 The part of the drive along the gorge is really beautiful.
 Lots of bridges!
 White temples against a grey sky are hard to photograph, but it was really beautiful against the green (and Ali I thought of you and Jeff and your wedding while I was there!)
Like I said, more pics on the family blog.

2 little remarks:

Beazer said...

I'd love to see what you're cookin'!

Emily S said...

Looks like an awesome trip, so glad you got one! As for weight maintenance, I say not going up is awesome.

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