Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life Lately

Oh friends - does anyone still read this little blog? I hardly ever write on it. Mostly that is because my life is CRAZY to the max. Partially also because I'm starting to enter the professional world again and be more cautious about what I put online. But for myself, mostly, and for anyone who wonders -- this is what my life is like these days. A day in the life if you will.

7am - Get up. Joe has usually been up with Evie for 30 minutes (sometimes more - today it was 5am wake up for poor Evs who fell out of her toddler bed and could not get back to sleep). Shower. Grab breakfast and join Evie on the couch.

7:30am -- Eat breakfast while skimming things on my phone if Evie's watching some TV or if she's not I'm multitasking breakfast and reading her books or lately - playing Candyland, she's obsessed! Joe leaves around this time too.

8am -- Bribe Evie into getting dressed, dress myself, make sure we both have lunch (pack it if I was too lazy the night before) and get us out the door by 8:30

8:30am -- This used to be the time we'd grab a bus. But a week ago we got a second car. Life got to crazy to rely on transit this year so we bought a car. But a cheaper one than our one we sold a year ago and we are still about $200 a month better off than we were under our old 2 car budget. Phew. I am loving having a second car again - feels so luxurious!

8:30-9:00am -- Drive to out schools while Evie reads a book - lately she really into counting so this means listening to her count all the objects in her library books. I get Evie to school and then I head to work.

9:00-3:30 -- Work. I work doing policy research with really smart and interesting people. It is a dream job for me. Sometimes I have tedious tasks, but overall I'm working on contracts and projects on a variety of topics, all of which I care about and am interested in the outcome of. It's a great job and is a great move for us financially this year.

During this time I also go co-op at Evie's preschool or meet with school groups, but generally I work.

3:30 -- Pick up Evie - best part of the day. She's always excited to see me and usually has some cute art projects to take home since she's obsessed with coloring and painting.

3:30-5:30 -- Depending on the day I take Evie to the library, zoo, park, run errands, or just head home for some relax chill time. I'd love if she wanted to be engaged and playful this whole time, but sometimes she's burned out and just wants to veg or she crashes in her car seat. Either way, I'm happy to see her.

5:30 -- 3 days a week I head off for school, one night a week we have our date night. One night I get to stay and play...maybe, if I don't have a school group. I try to make sure every night that my family has dinner (leftovers, something in the crock pot, etc...) before I run out the door.

6-9: Usually I'm in class. If I'm not in class I'm meeting with groups, hanging with my family, cleaning the house, prepping dinner, doing laundry, getting in a workout. It's always busy. Always.

9-11: Hang out with Joe and feel guilty about not doing my homework. I am so behind on reading and homework. I try to do it, but mostly I want to see my husband, decompress, and watch TV. While multitasking laundry, lunch packing, dinner prep and cleaning. As due dates and tests pile up more nights will be spent up late finishing papers or prepping for tests.

11-12: Collapse in bed and fall asleep almost instantly.

So there you have it, life.

It's certainly more scheduled than we've ever been. And I'm grateful we will not always be so busy. Even if I work full time I would get to pick up my kids from school and go home and be together as a family - not heading out again at 6pm. The duality of work and school makes my life crazy. But on the weekends I'm grateful to spend nearly every second with my family - having fun, getting stuff done, and generally slowing down the pace. Sundays are blissful that way.

It's going to be a crazy year. A fun year. And when it's over I'll be both relieved and sad. Relieved because I don't think it's good to live at such a crazy pace for years and years. And sad because the things that fill our life right now are so good and happy and I know it's a phase of life we'll always look back on with fondness.

So if you email me and it takes me weeks to get back,  if I'm never at those girl's nights or group parties over the next year, or if I forget your birthday...this is why. My life is crazy, but not in a wear me down make me lose my mind way. Just in a never-been-busier-or-more-scheduled-ever kind of way. If google calendar goes offline I might lose my mind.... :)

Hope you all are well!


4 little remarks:

sarahflib said...

Oh, Anna. Of course we read this blog when there is something to read. :) That's why reader services are such a great thing. Good luck with the crazy!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Um, ME! I still read. :) It's called Feedly... can't beat those blog readers.

HOLY COW lady! That is a busy busy schedule. You are awesome to have it all down pat so much. Good luck on this year and hooray for all the hard work and changes.

Brooke said...

I'm so glad there are so many GREAT things filling up your busy life right now. I love little snapshots of people's lives, and it makes me happy to see you doing so many fun things for you, even if it is crazy busy.

Emily S said...

Definitely read when I see that there is stuff to read . . . good luck with all this!

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