Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sometimes I get crazy

You guys, this has to be quick, because I must be a crazy person who thought it was a good idea to make my crazy life even more crazy.

Because on top of trying to be a good wife, mother, and friend while getting a masters degree and working I thought we should also build a house this winter. Yikes!

The good news it is a great house. And we have a great builder and agent we're working with. And we're getting a great deal and found an amazing lender to help us.

However, I'm a bit freaking out. I'll feel better when the loan is totally through underwriting and someone hands me the keys and says "it's yours!" but unfortunately that moment will not come for MONTHS. So I'm a bit freaking out that something will go wrong - I'm a worrier, so sue me. Still, so far things are looking good.

We're building an almost perfect house. Almost perfect layout. Perfect location. Perfect sized yard. Right price. No wasted space; a functional but not enormous home. Energy star rated. And totally cute.

What's interesting is that for some reason when you build people say "how fun, so you can get exactly what you want," to which I want to say "yikes, so I get to make complicated trade offs since we have this pesky thing called a budget."

So I'm pinning on Pinterest like crazy. Researching things like "gas versus electric dryer" and debating with Joe the benefits of a sink in the laundry space. Also debating "to upgrade the sink now or wait until we upgrade the counter tops in a few years" and "can we re-use that carpeting when we finish the basement if we rip it out of the main floor to put in hardwood 12 months later?" And "how much do you want to charge me if I add french doors here and a drawer here in the kitchen versus cabinets?" And "can you add a window in this bathroom and move this window in this bedroom to that wall so it'll get southern light?" And "tell me again why I can't paint my house seafoam green?!"

In short, building a house is awesome. And to do it right, with as little waste, and maximizing savings, and upgrading now what can't be changed later while still saving some DIY projects for sweat equity means lots of research, lots of painful decisions, and lots of scary plunking down money. I'm busy researching and asking our poor lender and builder endless questions so we makes sure both the build and the financial process go incredibly smoothly and we get what we want. So far there have only been a few small hiccups and we're really happy with our decisions.

And did I mention that we're 2 blocks from a giant park where they'll be adding a pool next summer - free pool access, hooray! I've gotta keep the end in mind to survive the crazy times over the next six months.

Anyway... if you're in the mood to talk kitchen design, inane details of home building, and listen to my endless worrying about the financial black hole that appears to be the mortgage and underwriting process - lets do lunch!

Also, when we are all done I'll probably post a few tips that we learned building...hopefully it will help someone. For now, if you are a pinner - my "dream house" board is very active :), also I can't recommend enough the Houzz website for inspiration (my profile is here), and I found this book really fascinating and eye opening in thinking through how big of a home we really need as well as which features make a home feel good and have character.
So there are exciting big changes in store for our family. While it is a stressful and time consuming process (that I don't exactly have time for right now...), we are optimistic about how this investment will impact our family's life. And we feel really lucky that our hard work paying off debt, saving, and getting promotions at work has paid off and coincided with interest rates and prices that remain relatively low. We missed the bottom of the market, but it's still a great time to buy/build. In other good news, we'll have a guest room when we finish the basement so hopefully some of you out of town loved ones can come visit us soon, yes? I promise we'd have fun and eat well while you're here. ;)

2 little remarks:

Emily S said...

Fun! Can't wait to see it!

Greg and Nancy said...

So excited for you! And for what it's worth, if you're still debating, I loved having a laundry room sink in our last house. :)

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